Paragon Technologies provide quality regenerative airheater services for maximum value to customers world-wide. Inspections are performed by Paragons’ technical staff that is trained to identify critical areas of the air preheater, while also offering the proper installation of the high performance product line.

Priority Manufacturing

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The Paragon Priority Manufacturing program ensures that when problems do occur, your replacement parts receive top priority and will be manufactured as fast as possible. Paragon strives to turn priority manufacturing orders around in 72 hours or less with most High Performance seals.  The program includes access to priority manufacturing for any unplanned outage. Priority Manufacturing is limited on Basketed Element.


Priority Shipping

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Paragon Priority Shipping program combines multiple logistical components to form a program that emphasizes “on-time” delivery. Paragon’s “on-time” shipping will ensure your products are delivered when you need them, be it overnight or standard delivery. The program includes
priority shipping for any unplanned outage.