Paragon Technologies provide quality regenerative airheater services for maximum value to customers world-wide. Inspections are performed by Paragons’ technical staff that is trained to identify critical areas of the air preheater, while also offering the proper installation of the high performance product line.

Long Term Contracts and DuraCare™

Paragon long term maintenance contracts and/or the DuraCare™ Maintenance Program combines the best of its services to form a comprehensive maintenance service program that is designed to remove the uncertainty of labor cost associated with maintaining a unit operationally. The objective of this program is to offer a cost effective way to maintain an air preheater while ensuring the maximum efficiency and performance of the unit. Paragon’s technical team will be ready and available to assist your staff, when your air preheater requires physical maintenance, thus allowing the unit to get back into operation faster. DuraCare™ is designed to provide Rapid Response to any unscheduled or unplanned outage. It is the goal of Paragon’s team to be on site within 24hrs of receiving notice of an outage. DuraCare™ also includes an On-Site Inventory Program to insure that there are no delays in manufacturing parts needed to restore operations. If the parts are not on-site, the DuraCare™ program allows the plant to take advantage of Priority Manufacturing & Shipping again striving to get the unit back into operations as fast as possible. In addition, added benefits of Priority Customer Status include periodic site reviews to discuss empirical data, results, performance solutions and training services.

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DuraCare™ - Smarter Availability

The Maintenance Program provides the client a competitive edge by proactively monitoring & surveying the air preheater thus ensuring the availability & reliability of the air preheater. This program is a partnership with the client & Paragon that simply increases the ability to maintain the air preheater at it’s optimum performance, reliability and efficiency level. The program attributes include:

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  • Paragon Installation
  • Air Preheater Inspection
  • Rapid Response
  • Priority Manufacturing
  • Priority Shipping
  • Preferred Customer Status
  • Contract Information
  • Advanced Ordering