Paragon Technologies provide quality regenerative airheater services for maximum value to customers world-wide. Inspections are performed by Paragons’ technical staff that is trained to identify critical areas of the air preheater, while also offering the proper installation of the high performance product line.

Contract Information

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Our DuraCare™ maintenance program is a contract between the plant and Paragon Technologies; it specifically identifies the air preheater(s) and the obligations and expectations. One year minimum contract can be paid either up-front or in monthly installments. All out of pocket expenses including but not limited to travel, lodging, transportation and food will be billed to the client as incurred.


Advance Ordering

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Under the Paragon Advance Ordering program, customers will have the opportunity to purchase their Paragon products and replacement products in advance of a scheduled outage or to store for emergency or non-emergency situations. Advance ordering will allow the customer to enjoy a discount only offered to those participating in this program.