At Paragon, service is being a team player, on the best team in the league. With the best training center, best coaches, best equipment and best attitudes.

When you call us out on a job, you already know us. We’ve been there, talked over the project, done the inspections, created the plan, produced the parts, and are ready to have our expert team install them. In fact, we’ll ensure that you get an expert second opinion any time you want it. We can assure you that our second opinion will always yield new opportunity or risk mitigation strategies every time.

When we work together, we don’t bother you onsite unless necessary. We own problems and the solutions. We make sure that you stay on track, don’t run over budget or need to extend your outage. Then you’ll hear back from us at appropriate times to check on how things are going.

This is why we are the only company servicing the industry with a Service Guarantee. It sets us apart from the rest of the industry. We are building our reputation around service, and creating a new paradigm for performance around product innovations.