Paragon Technologies manufactures high performance seals, basketed element and replacement parts for rotary, regenerative air preheaters. The products maximize air preheater performance and efficiency through innovation, technology and quality service. We are delivering value to customers World-Wide.

We could have been just another OEM replacement parts company. But the opportunity was to large for us and our customers alike. The amazing difference that the performance of the airheater can have on the overall production and cost reduction of the plant is tremendous.

Our product solutions come from years of product innovation, all to mitigate risk, increase performance and lower costs. We are proud of what we have been able to accomplish with our customers. You can see the results for yourselves…

“Once you use Paragon’s seals, it is very clear that it is better. It just maintains the seals longer.”

“The biggest benefits from Paragon are a better after market product, and they help me prove to my management on what we are getting (pay for performance).”

“I would call them a partner. They have the engineering background that the younger engineers here don’t have. I am buying a technical product. Their service engineering is just as important as their product.”