Paragon Values

  • Market Focus: Our business strategy is driven by understanding the needs of our customers and our  commitment to deliver services and products of superior value.
  • Our People: Our future is our people. We provide opportunities for achievement, responsibility, growth, and advancement and are committed to rewarding performance.
  • Innovation: We encourage, nurture, discover and apply new ideas, products, services and skills to meet the needs of our customers and generate sustainable growth and shareholder value.
  • Integrity: We are committed to openness, honesty and consistency in all our actions and relationships, both internally and externally, and to the creation of an environment, which fosters respect and trust.
  • Organizational Excellence: We create and maintain a flexible organization that fosters teamwork and consistently commits its best resources to assure the success of the organization as a whole.
  • Corporate Responsibility: We ensure safe and environmentally responsible operations in accordance with the principles of Responsible Care.

The Paragon Culture

  • To sustain a mentality for technological advancements, while always mitigating risk with solutions that consistently improve.
  • To employ experienced and knowledgeable people that uphold a standard for excellence.
  • To get jobs done right and on time, while serving as a true industry partner who believes in earning confidence, trust and loyalty.
  • To earn long-term commitments through an earned reputation.
  • To offer technology solutions that have a major impact on thermal efficiency and environmental performance.
  • To both educate and learn from our customers to determine how we can serve them best.
  • To always uphold a high standard of ethics and belief in doing what is right for the customer.
  • To deliver unconditional customer service and product solutions that cannot be gauged as a commodity. In a market place where replacement part sales are price driven, Paragon will offer a cost effective and competitive solutions  that may not always be the lowest cost, but always offer great value.
  • To stand behind everything we say and do.